Christian Counseling Certification Article on Pentecost and the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is an essential part of Christian Life.  This is why Christ sent Him to the apostles.  The Holy Spirit sanctifies what Christ has redeemed.  He is the fountain of graces that Christ has earned on the cross and the fuel of all sacramental life.

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The article, “Pope Francis on Pentecost: ‘Christian life unravels’ without the Holy Spirit” by Hannah Brockaus states,

“Without the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Christians lack that which animates them and gives them internal life and harmony, Pope Francis said on Pentecost. “Without the Spirit, our Christian life unravels, lacking the love that brings everything together,” Pope Francis said at Mass in St Peter’s Square on June 9.”

The Holy Spirit is indeed the source of grace and infuser of virtue.  To read the entire article, please click here

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