Bereavement Counseling Program Article on Deceased Mothers and One’s Own Children

For many parents, it is a difficult cross to not be able to share their own parents with their children.  The loss of experiencing one’s child with one’s own parents is something many face.  Wondering how to share the life of a deceased parent to one’s own children is something very important.

Many parents grieve the fact their child will never meet their deceased parent. Please also review our Bereavement Counseling Program

The article, “One Day I’ll Tell My Children About My Mother’s Death. Until Then, I’ll Show Them How She Lived” by  MARISA BARDACH RAMEL discusses how she will teach her children how her own mother lived and in this way continue the memory.  She states,

“My daughter won’t know her Grandma Sally, not in the way she knows her other grandparents—her Nana and Grammy and my stepmother Tippy. But my mom will not be absent from her life, either.”

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