Top 10 Benefits of Juicing Kale – Life Coaching Advice

Life Coaching Advice – Top Reasons to Juice Kale

Many people are looking for healthy ways to boost their diets. Adding important nutrients to what we eat and drink can have long lasting health care effects! One of these super foods every life coach is talking about is Kale. Kale is a power house of vitamins and minerals your bodies need. From iron and vitamin K to proving useful in detoxification and boosting heart health, Kale can offer it all. Yet, what are the best ways to take full advantage of it? Salads? Cooking? Juicing perhaps? Below are the top 10 reasons why you should maybe think about juicing kale.

Author – Helen Sanders

Source – Health Ambition 

“Kale is one of those foods that you either love or hate. Sadly, most people fall toward the “hate” side of things, thanks to the strong, bitter flavor of the leafy green.

But did you know that the nutrients that give it the strong, bitter flavor are what make it one of the healthiest of the greens?”

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As you can see, Kale can bring a lot, not only to the table, but to your overall health as well. Packed with antioxidants and heart healthy vitamins, it is a leafy vegetable you should consider including in your regular diet. Why not give Kale a try? For more life coaching advice and holistic health care information, please check out our website.





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