Certified Grief Counselor and Religious Coping: Understanding God’s Will and Loss – YouTube

 on http://www.aihcp.org Those of religious background statistically have better coping mechanisms for loss than those who do…

Source: www.youtube.com

Short video from the American Academy of Grief Counseling about the effective nature of religious coping when properly utilized.  The video also looks at unhealthy religious coping and how a certified Grief Counselor should deal with and speak to a spiritual person.

Too many times people employ religion and spirituality improperly during loss.  Also, well intentioned individuals can cause pain to the grieving when they misuse religious ideals in failed attempts to relieve the distress of the grieving.  This video is an excellent resource and introduction for those who wish to religious cope in a healthy fashion  A certified Grief Counselor can utilize this video as a guide.


If you would like to learn more about becoming a certified Grief Counselor then please review our program and see if it matches your educational and professional needs.  By completing the online courses, qualified professionals can become eligible to become a certified Grief Counselor.

The certification in Grief Counseling is a four year certification and is renewable.  Those who become a certified Grief Counselor usually stem from a multiple of professional and academic backgrounds ranging from nursing to counseling to funeral direction to ministry


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