What’s New In Medical Advancements?

Medical Advancements: 5 Instruments That Will Change Medicine

medical advancements
New tools in the field of medical advancements

By Hannah Whittenly

The medical field advanced swiftly during the late 20th Century. With the dawning of the computer age, there have been great strides in understanding the human body as well as innovations regarding the treatment of disease.

With the microprocessor and nano-processor, technology pushed to the forefront of the medical community. Surgical procedures are performed with the aid of computerized machines and various computerized medical devices are now used to maintain health and prevent disease.

There are 5 instruments that will change the face of modern medicine that have recently found their place in the treatment of health conditions. The importance of such medical instruments should not be underestimated

Medical Instrument 1: Organ Growing

Scientists have found ways to reproduce parts of the body’s internal organs inside the lab. One such advancement has been seen in Doctors’ ability to grow the missing half of a child’s heart which was malformed at birth. The use of this type of advancement gives patients waiting for organ transplants potential hope in the event that a donor organ cannot be obtained.

Medical Instrument 2: DNA Mapping

With the discovery and comprehension of human DNA, scientists are able to map and plot out hereditary communication errors that may be found in the DNA coding. This can be a great asset in the event of future disease as well as possibly revamping the errors in DNA to ultimately prevent disease.

Medical Instrument 3: Tumor and Cancer Treatment With Compatible Medication

Oncologists and medical researchers have discovered that certain cancerous tumors are able to be matched up with specific medications that respond well together. Great strides in cancer research have led to further understanding of how cancer cells divide and spread within the body.

Medical Instrument 4: Nerve Regenerator

Advances have been made in the area of nerve regeneration. The importance of being able to regenerate nerve impulses in the body give hope to patients that have been suffering from debilitating health conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy, and ALS.

Medical Instrument 5: Balloon Catheter

The balloon catheter is used to open arteries and vital blood vessels in the body that may be damaged from plaque or blockages on arterial walls. The end of the device is inserted in the artery. The balloon extrusion is used in conjunction with the catheter in order to guide it properly in place. This technology makes invasive procedures less common and speeds recovery time for the patient.

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