How To Use Your Hot Tub For Hydrotherapy

Getting Some Hydrotherapy with Your Hot Tub

By Meggie Haneckow

Therapy is a mistaken word! It needn’t be dull or drab. It CAN be a lot fun if done in a way that not just makes you feel good but look good too. Hot tubs are the hot pick for anyone who wants to reap the benefits of good health through hydrotherapy.

But what exactly is hydrotherapy? Going by the clinical definition of the term, it means the use of water in medical treatment of diseases. The best thing about the use of hot tubs in hydrotherapy is that not just physical but stress-related issues can also be addressed. Just like your hot tub care guide lists how to take care of your hot tub or spa, the following points list how your hot tub spa helps you with hydrotherapy.


Relief from Joint Pain: The heat inside the hot tub is the right remedy for increasing blood circulation. It is also an age old remedy for treating joint pains. When hot tubs weren’t invented, a dip in a hot spring was a ‘medicine-free’ alternative to treating aches and pains. Apart from pain, hot water also works on stressed muscles and provides relaxation.

  1. Weight Loss: Perhaps there couldn’t be a better way of loosing inches than sitting in a hot tub and let the fat melt away. And then there are benefits like improved metabolism and controlled insulin levels.
  2. Heart Health: Better blood circulation and reduced fat ultimately means enhanced cardio vascular fitness. A healthy heart eventually means overall fitness!
  3. Improved Sleep: Your hot tub or spa has the same effects on you as an exercise. So, not only you remain in shape, have a healthy heart and are pain free – but – you also have a sound sleep. So, if at times you feel restless and sleepless, all you need is 90 minutes of hydrotherapy in your hot tub. Research has it that around 90 minutes of a session in a hot tub or spa relaxes your body, taking away the stress and soothing the system, putting it into an easy state that is comfortable to put to sleep.
  4. Better Digestion: Another medical benefit of hydrotherapy through hot tubs is a visible improvement in digestion. A hydro-massage in your hot tub leads to easy and smooth digestion of food.


Hopefully, the list of medical benefits that hot tub hydrotherapy provides, clears some air of doubt regarding its benefits. Don’t mistake hot tubs as any other rejuvenation and fitness machine. It is much more than a luxury to splurge on. It is something to preserve for the sake of total wellness. Therefore, take that hot tub care guide and free spa maintenance ebook found online seriously.

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