Major Considerations and Privileges Available for Deaf People


Major Considerations and Privileges Available for Deaf People

Even though the advancement in medical field, many children are still born with hearing loss and other physical disabilities. According to studies and surveys, 1 out of 10 children are born with congenital hearing loss. Apart from this, due to the age spectrum, about half of people have to suffer from hearing loss. Though, the percentage of hard of hearing people is continuously increasing day by day, hence special deaf network support is needed in all aspects of their life. Deaf people have different capabilities of learning and grasping the things as they cannot express their feelings like how the normal person does. They have to face challenges in communication and sometimes they have to look for some who can easily understand their language and respond to them. They cannot grasp what the opposite person is saying. The deaf people’s life is worth living and special support should be provided to them each and every time.

It is recommendable that there are some qualified social workers and family support networks which are familiar with all aspects of hearing loss and working to support these hard of hearing people. Today you don’t have to worry about your child’s or other family members’ hearing loss as there are deaf communities which provide special family support services to your loved ones. Separate deaf education programs and deaf schools are there to support the families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Families with hard of hearing people are provided special resources, networks, and information, they need to improve communication access and educational outcomes for their children. Despite of these services, there are also some major privileges which are provided to these hard of hearing people.


Hard of hearing people are provided special discounts and offers in medications. Some manufacturers provide discount coupons on medicines so before purchasing any medicine, deaf people should check at the pharmacy if they offer any discounts for hard of hearing people.

Medical Treatments:

Deaf people can also benefit from high standard deafness care and treatment facilities. Most of the hospitals provide special discounts for the people who are experiencing a mental health crisis and cannot be maintained in intensive community settings. There hospitals have hearing health specialists who are familiar with all aspects of hearing loss and provide expert deaf services for deaf or hard of hearing men and women. Many hospitals also provide sign Language and deaf awareness training to their deaf patients. They are provided with environmental Hidden hearing aids, deaf access groups, communication facilitators, language therapists and a deaf advocacy service to further enhance the quality of their life.

Use of Disabled Sign:

A family with hard of hearing people also get discounts on some special services. According to the legal acts, this disabled sign may be used by a natural person driving a deaf child so he can avail the discounts on transportation and insurance services.

Special Discounts on General Stores:

This scheme of having discounts on products is getting popular nowadays. Most of the stores provide deaf discount Policies on purchases made by hard of hearing people. They get discounts on grocery items, home crafting items and other household products.

Transportation Privileges:

There are also some traveling privileges especially designed by government for deaf people traveling through public transportation modes. Before making any reservation of air travel or buses, deaf people should try to learn more about the privileges available by a certain transportation company. They can actually save more on discounts and freebies. While traveling through public transportations, deaf people must carry their passes with them and show it to the driver to get the discount. They can also take advantage for car rentals and accommodation services.

Health Insurance Privileges:

Many health insurance companies offer separate discounts and policies for physically handicapped people. Along with medication discounts, deaf people can benefit from these services to ensure that their medical needs are fully met. Having a deaf health insurance plan can give many options as possible when it comes to getting necessary treatment, choosing a preferred physician, and having access to physical therapy.


Though, corporate sectors expect a lot from people in their workforce, but there are some government firms and sectors which provide job opportunities to these hard of hearing people. In most of companies and organizations, deaf people have the same opportunities as any other employee.

Hence, without a bias around communication modes or methodology, some organizations and deaf communities are working to eradicate all these inequalities from our society.


By Mark Gorman


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