Improving Wellbeing with Vaporizers

Improving Wellbeing: Can Vaporizers Treat Breathing Conditions?

No. Time and again, there are certain claims that vaporizers can finally treat breathing issues like asthma, pneumonia, etc.; there are no unanimous recommendations or case studies from the medical community of its capability.

Here remains a large divide as to how the efficiency of vaporizers can be proven beyond its capability of being a smoking cessation device.

Well, one thing that you should know is that vaporizers (and humidifiers) are best known in providing relief for those who are suffering from breathing conditions like asthma. They are also capable of helping you achieve a moist environment most especially on cold seasons.

Is it safe to use vaporizers?

Using vaporizer and its efficiency in recreational and medical activities (say, medical marijuana patients) remain hotly contested today so we will not go beyond that. Although one thing is for sure, studies have proven that vaporizers are capable of diminishing dangerous components found in materials or substances found on herbs because these devices utilize the process of convection.

What convection does is to heat the herbs or any other substance you want to use and transfers the heat by air movement in a temperature that you prefer. Vaporizing through convection only heats up all the active materials and takes off all the dangerous ones from it so the risk of inhaling every single substance is lessened through its use.

So all you simply have to do is to load up your favorite herbs that use for relief, set the appropriate temperature and you can get started with vaporizing.

What herbs or substances can you put on your vaporizer?

There are a lot of herbs that you can put into it. There are certain favorites such as parsley, mint, thyme, marjoram, and eucalyptus. As for other substances like concentrates or oils, you are also free to use it too for as long as the vaporizers can accommodate those and if you deem that a specific herbal concentrate is safe for inhalation.

Should you choose a desktop or a portable unit?

This will usually depend on two factors: 1) your health needs and 2) your lifestyle. If you are someone who always needs an immediate relief or you are required to be always on the go, choosing portable vaporizers is the best route to go. However if you care more for long term wellness investment, desktop models are proven to be more efficient and cost effective because of the kind of technology that was put on these models. They were crafted to last longer and offer a better experience.

What should you consider before buying a vaporizer?

As mentioned above, getting a vaporizer is an investment for your well-being. Here are few of the things that you should consider before buying:

1)     Consult a medical doctor first and know if purchasing one is advisable.

2)     Decide if you will need desktop or a portable model.

3)     Buy only from a trusted distributor as this will keep your investment for wellness in good hands.

Are there other alternatives aside from vaporizing?  

So what if you are someone who is actually not yet comfortable trying vaporizers? Well, it’s absolutely okay because you are not limited with options! There are natural relaxation methods that you can do to calm your asthma attacks.

1)     Relaxation exercises as this will help you lessen anxiety

2)     Breathing through the nose

3)     Diaphragmatic breathing


Not all health alternatives are created equal. Even though there is no sufficient medical treatment to certain respiratory conditions, it is always best to go to a medical doctor to aid you in this condition. If you want to vaporize to achieve relief, it is best to consult first and ask for medical opinion before buying.

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