The Common Myths Doing Rounds About E-Cigarettes

Health Care and E-Cigs

Whenever there is a new product in the market there is bound to be acceptance as well as criticism.  There are also bound to be a lot of misconceptions doing rounds about the same.  Likewise, for the electronic cigarettes too, we can see that there are quite a number of myths doing the rounds.  This is an effort to drive away those wrong notions that are present about the electronic cigarettes in the Health Care fields.

  • E-cigs are a huge threat to people under the age of 18      years.  There are many people who      assume that children of this age group would definitely get drawn towards      this electronic gadget as it has all those fanciful flavors.  In addition, they are easily available      on the internet and even kiosks at the malls.  The main fact remains that majority of      the websites do have a caution that the product is only for 18 years and      above of age.  They call for payment      through a bank card which the minors would not be possessing.  Until and unless the child does things      stealthily, there is no risk involved.       Sales in the kiosks have been restricted only to adults.  We have to think about the costs that      the purchase of these kits will involve.       They would range anywhere from $35 to $50.  These devices are found to bring about      positive change in the smokers, in the sense that they help them quit      smoking.
  • Another myth that is doing rounds is about the target  group of the electronic      cigarettes.  They are basically aimed at the younger lot.  Critics opine that these fruity flavors are all means to entice the youth towards      smoking these e-cigs.  However, that      is not the case.  These products      have been developed as an alternative for the existing smokers to wriggle      out of their habit.  They will offer help in their path towards renouncing cigarettes and coming out of the      dangerous grip of carcinogens and toxins.
  • The e-cigs are equally carcinogenic as the traditional cigarettes.  Critics opine that      these e-cigs contain e liquid which is harmful for the smokers.  However, the other smoking habit      cessation products too like the nicotine patches and nicotine gum are also  found to have these nitrosamines that are harmful.  The amount that is present is too small to be dangerous.

E Liquid UK offers a wide range of flavors and strengths.   Habitual smokers can choose those strengths and flavors that will give them an almost close experience to smoking the traditional cigarettes.  However, even though the feel is almost similar, the harm is reduced or mitigated to a great extent.  That is the basic reason why the electronic cigarettes have gained so much in popularity within very less time.

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Ryan Holman is an expert working at Magnifecig and has witnessed the surge in demand for the electronic cigarettes over a period of time.

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