5 Natural ADHD Treatments and Behavioral Therapies

The article, “ADHD – 5 behavioral therapies”, by U-T San Diego states

“Research shows that behavioral therapy is an important part of treatment for ADHD.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Use These Natural ADHD Treatments for Your Child.

In the modern world everything seems to be treatable with drugs and medication.    So often doctors rush to give a diagnosis so they can prescribe mind altering drugs to treat their diagnosis.    Often the problem can be treated naturally without the dangerous and potentially addictive medications.

ADHD is a mental disorder that affects children, our children, everyday.   Would you want to put your child on medication if you did not have to?   The answer is no of course.   Lucky you might not have to.    There are plenty of natural ADHD treatments available to parents.    Here is a quick list of some of the top ADHD behavioral therapies.

Make a schedule and stick to a routine. –  It is as easy as it sounds.   Have a schedule that your child has to do every day.   This routine allows your child to have structure.

Learn to tune out distractions.  –  Turn off the TV or radio when you are doing something with your child.    Giving them only one thing to focus on.   Many times the ADHD will pull their mental focus in many directions at once.   This is how ADHD affects children.

Do not give your child too many choices.  –  Instead of overwhelming them with different ideas, give them 2 choices at most.    By giving your child just two options they won’t overthink it and get distracted.

Try goal setting and setting up a reward system. – By giving your child something to stay focused on and work towards, you can help them learn that staying focused is rewarded through positive reinforcement and that not staying focused is bad through negative punishment.

Lastly help your child learn a skill or discover a hidden talent. – By doing this you can show your child that they are gifted and they are great at something.   This will boost self-esteemed and also give them something to focus on.

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