How Do I Become A Grief Counselor

Are you interested in becoming a certified Grief Counselor?
Are you interested in becoming a certified Grief Counselor?


American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

A short video that explains how to become a grief counselor from the American Academy of Grief Counseling.  The video also separates the meanings of a licensed counselor from a certified counselor.


While becoming a certified grief counselor is not as extensive as becoming a licensed counselor, nevertheless, there are still basic requirements of college education or health care background to be admitted.  Even after that, additional courses are needed to become certified.


Grief counseling is an emerging field that will only grow in the future.  Unfortunately grief is a human reality and people will always need a good grief counselor to help them at times.

If you are interested in becoming a certified grief counselor, then please review the program.  Qualified professionals such as social workers, nurses, funeral directors, counselors, pastoral care givers and ministers are all welcome to the take the courses.

If you are not a professional in these areas, a undergraduate degree in the social sciences can suffice.  Such degrees would include any healthcare degrees, psychology, counseling, theology, or social work.

If you feel this certification can benefit you professionally and academically then consider becoming a certified grief counselor.


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