Living with Grief: I Should Have Told Him | Wise Widow

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Guilt is common for people who lose loved ones.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  Some people are burdened by a long illness and may feel a sense of relief and that guilt will come back to haunt them, while others may say the wrong thing or not say anything at all before a loved one dies.

Grief counselors face a difficult task in dealing with guilt.  This guilt can negatively effect the grieving process and must be addressed.  Sometimes if grief guilt is never revealed, the person may be tortured for years and years.  Grief counseling is very important to get it out and discuss it.

The reality is whenever someone we love dies, we will always regret somethings, but what we must remember is that we loved them and they loved us.  While there are cases of more dysfunctional relationships, I think most of us deal with just the basic guilt here and there.  With that said, if we do have a loved one and we have not been as open as we need to be, lets let them know we love them today.  In discussing death, we learn to live and live rightly in the present for tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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