The Negative Effects of Stress – Premature Aging.

 Negative Effects of Stress
Negative Effects of Stress

The article, “Does stress cause our cells to age faster?” by Dr. Anthony Komaroff states

For years I’ve heard that chronic stress is bad for your health, but recently I heard something that made me take this seriously: Stress causes our cells to age faster. Is this really true?”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Learning to Deal with the Negative Effects of Stress

The mental effects of stress are well documented.    It causes us anxiety, depression and irritability.   There are also many physical effects of stress as well ranging from high blood pressure to weight gain.   However does stress cause our bodies to age faster?

As it turns out yes aging is one of the negative effects of stress.   Part of our cells known as telomeres are affected by stress.    Telomeres are at the end of our chromosomes.    Stress makes the telomeres become shorter and shorter.   Once the telomere gets too short, the cell dies.   Chronic stress has been shown to cause this effect.

So can dealing with stress help keep us young?  The answer is yes!  By keeping ourselves stress free we can slow down the shortening of our telomeres.    Add increased physical activity such as exercise and a proper diet to your stress reduction program and you can in fact slow down the process of aging.

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