How Stress Affects Animals

The article, “Stress management 
to improve animal 
performance”, by Virginie Noirot states

“Stress is a multi-factorial and growing concern in animal 
production, which influences both short- and long-term 
performances. However, the real impact of stress on animal 
production is certainly overlooked.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Learn How Stress Affects Animals and How You Can Help.

Animals can feel the effects of stress just like humans can.    From family pets like cats and dogs to live stock all can suffer from being stressed out.   Stress in live stock can lead to losses!

How stress affects animals is just like how it affects humans.   It causes them to produce less milk, in the case with cows and goats.   It can weaken their immune systems causing illness and disease.   Stress can also cause chickens to lay smaller or less eggs.    Animals and stress is a bad combination for farmers.

Farmers can help reduce stress in livestock by focusing on the well being of their animals.   Start by trying to keep a more natural diet and using less hormones.   This can help reduce stress.

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