Workplace stress: the new workplace epidemic

The article, “Stress: the new workplace epidemic”, by Fiona Smith states

“Five years of rolling redundancy and change programs have taken their toll on many employees and increasing numbers are struggling with anxiety and depression.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Battling Workplace Stress

 Stress at work is becoming a big issue in today’s business world.   With the downsizing of the work force, more employees are seeing increased workloads, less vacation time and even less time to relax.   Overcoming stress is becoming a full time job.
Workplace stress does not have to be a production killer.   It can be easily dealt with and production can return to normal.   Reducing employee stress should not be seen as a task or a job but as someone a good manager/owner wants to do for their employees.   Encourage them to take their vacation time.   Give their a size bonus for their hard work.   Lastly research ways to relax at work.
Finally poor communication is a major reason for job related stress.   Not have good lines of communication with your employees can turn into a big problem.    Being able to talk about problems openly helps clear up a lot of misconceptions and can help reduce office stress.

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