Mental Illness and Substance Abuse: Substance Abuse Programs Can Help

substance abuse programs
substance abuse programs cover a wide range of different types of drug abuse. Learn these techniques by taking online substance abuse courses.

The article, “Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Top Causes of Disability”, by Prensa Latina states

“Mental and substance abuse disorders were together responsible for more deaths and illness than HIV/ AIDS and tuberculosis, diabetes, or traffic accidents, says a study published in The Lancet.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
With all that can go wrong and cause one to be on disability, it figures what we can control the most is the one that tops the list.  Substance abuse tops the list in regards to causes of disability in America.  This only shows the necessity of better substance abuse programs
By improving our substance abuse counseling we can help stop the drug abuse problem in this country.    Many do not use to relax.   They use drugs and alcohol to cope with life challenges.   They use because their bodies need to.   They use because they do not know any other way.
For more information on becoming a substance abuse counselor please visit our page and give our online courses a look.   It is well worth your time!

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