What are Some of the Physiological Manifestations of PTSD?

manifestations of ptsd
manifestations of ptsd

The article, “What are Some of the Physiological Manifestations of PTSD?”, by Joanna Fishman states

“Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a result of severe trauma. The trauma experienced is usually one that has threatened a person’s safety.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Crisis Intervention Counseling

Post-traumatic stress disorder is more common than we often realize. It can certainly show up in anyone who has experienced a crisis situation, such as a severe accident, robbery, attempted murder and even in situations of natural disasters. It is a heightened anxiety state that occurs when memories are triggered. The person who has this disorder these Manifestations of PTSD will often be triggered into high anxiety when memories come up and they “relive” the situation in their mind. The good news is that PSTD can be helped. Crisis counselors come across people with the disorder and are in a very good position to offer upfront help and referral to a behavioral health care specialist. Are you interested in becoming a crisis intervention counselor? If so, you can obtain more information at: crisis counseling training

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