Managing Stress to Overcome Phobias

Managing Stress
Managing Stress

The article, “Reframing Stress Could Help People Overcome Public Speaking Phobia, Study Suggests”, source; Huffington Post states

“Overcoming stress experienced from common phobias could be as simple as reframing it, according to a new study.   Article comes from Huffington Post.  For more stress articles from Huffington Post, please check out their lifestyles section.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
Everyone deals with stress in their lives.    Trying to get rid of it has seemed to become an industry of its own.    What if, however, in managing stress we could find a way to use it to help us overcome phobias?    Managing your stress and removing a phobias?   That would be two birds with one stone.   By learning how to rid ourselves of negative things and situations in our lives, we can truly achieve a stress free existence.
An article suggests a way to use stress to overcome the fear of public speaking.   Using stress in a positive way is an excellent use of stress.    Turning stress into something useful is a skill we all should line up to learn!
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