CogCubed Is Using Games to Help Diagnose ADHD

The article, “CogCubed Is Using Games to Help Diagnose ADHD”, by Laura Montini states

“The human brain is plastic, meaning that experiences can change it. That fact is fascinating to many people; there’s a possibility that they can sharpen their cognitive abilities throughout their lifetime, or that they could even prevent their mind’s decline in old age.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
Good article on how a video game system called “CogCubed” is helping diagnose ADHD in children.   They are using video games that are like lego blocks but with interacting LCD screens on them.   For example one block would have an empty glass and the other a pitch full of lemonade.   The user could use one cube to fill the other.   When they used these cubes they were able to correctively diagnose ADHD 80% of the time.  For more on ADHD Counseling please go to our page.

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