Generation of the Iraq and Afghan Wars: How Children Grieve

Learn more how children grieve
Learn more how children grieve

How Children Grieve, When Daddy or Mommy Has Gone To War

The effects of having one’s parent or sibling gone for periods of a time and not knowing if they will return have effects on children and how they react on the home front.  With the war against terror, American families have experienced this for the last decade and there needs to be better understanding of how children grieve if a parent has gone to war.

The Univeristy of NH, Media Relations writes about this effect on children in its article, “UNH PROF: For Many Children In Military Families, Grief Often Misunderstood”

“As U.S. military involvement  in Iraq and Afghanistan begins its second decade,  more than two million  children of military families are currently affected by  war. New research from  a University of New Hampshire social work professor  explores the unique grief  responses of these children, providing guidelines for  military families in  different cycles of deployment.”

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