Child and Adolescent Grief Counseling at School

Grief Counselors Can Help Children at School Grieve Tragic Accidents

child and adolescent grief counseling
child and adolescent grief counseling










In previous blogs we discussed how children react to the loss of a classmate.  The article below talks about these ideas in action when an unfortunate summer accident led to the loss of a classmate for the entire school.  Grief Counselors who specialize in child grief were called upon the scene.

Sarah Baraba of Suburban Journals describes the story in her article, “Grief Counselors Help Students Cope with Loss in Classroom”.

“Rogers Middle School students returning for the new school year were met with familiar faces of teachers and peers, but there was one face that was missing.
Christopher Marks, who would have started seventh grade this month, drowned in the Meramec River a few weeks before the first day of school.”

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Mark Moran, MA