Legal Nurse Consultant Information

Legal Nurse Consulting as a Career

A legal nurse consultant
A legal nurse consultant combines two different career paths
A legal nurse consultant combines medical and legal fields to provide expert advice to healthcare and legal professionals. They must complete a diploma, associates, or bachelors degree program in nursing, obtaining a registered nursing license current in the state they are working in. A legal nurse consultant must also have a strong background in legal issues such as legal terminology, ethics, the US legal system, and criminal law. In order to succeed in this position, the legal nurse consultant should have superb communication skills, both verbal and written, that enable them to express medical and legal information in an understandable way. They can hold positions in many areas such as medical facilities, law firms, insurance companies, government agencies and have independent practices. They provide expert advice on standards of health care, medical malpractice, and other legal and medical issues. They are trained to evaluate administrative and clerical nursing practices for professionals and consumers. They are in a position to act as a liaison for cases and claims in the legal and medical fields. The average income for this job is $82,000 annually.Jay Angelo