Crisis Intervention Strategies

A clay model of the word crisis with a broken house next to it
So you have a crisis on your hands. What’s next?

Skills for Crisis Intervention

The article, “CRISIS INTERVENTION”, Source: The Canyon states

“If you know someone who is suffering from the ravages of addiction, you are probably familiar with the concept of a crisis. Individuals who abuse drugs often have emergencies in their lives, ranging from overdoses to evictions as well as legal issues concerning them and their children. Crises, while exhausting and stress-inducing, can be great times to stage an intervention that might help your friend or loved one finally decide to get the help they need to survive.”

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Crisis Intervention skills are a needed skill set everyone should at least be familiar with.  Knowing what do you when an event happens and having a plan in mind can be the difference in lives being lost.  In times of crisis you never know if you will be needed.
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