Health Care Coach Advice for a Flatter Stomach

Do you need health care coach advice to finally flatten your stomach?  Health coaches advise to avoid “Crunches” due to the strain they put on your back.   Health care coaching professionals suggest these exercises instead:

A topless male with great stomach muscles
The 6 pack everyone wishes they could bring to the beach!
By Rachel Cosgrove
From Woman’s Health Via Yahoo News
Health Care Coach Exercise Advice for a Flatter Abs.

If you’re like most women, you’ve been struggling to flatten your stomach for about two decades now. Why? Because you think achieving enviable abs is complicated. Don’t be fooled! If you’re smart with your strategy, scoring a flat belly is actually incredibly simple. Follow these three steps and you’ll have a flat belly in no time.
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There are other health care coach approved exercises you can do for flat abs.   Next time try “6 Inches”.    Lay flat on you back and raise your feet 6 inches from the ground and hold them there for 20 seconds.   Repeat until you do the desired number of sets.
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