Yoga and Meditation – Oldest Yoga Instructor is 91!

Is Yoga and Meditation a Healthy Life Style?

Yoga and Meditation
Yoga and Meditation can be some of the ingredients to a long and healthy life
If you ask Bernice Bates, 91 yrs old, she would defintely say yoga and meditation is part of her healthy life style.  Granted other considerations must be taken into account, but one cannot dismiss the relevance of yoga and meditation in her life.
Bates has taught Yoga for over 50 yrs, starting in 1960.  She currently teaches a once weekly yoga class to the residents of the  Mainlands Retirement Community Center in Pinellas Park, Florida.  She offers her students a class that includes over 12 poses and ends with a relaxation.  In her personal time, she practices yoga every morning to begin the day.
When asked what she thought about the yoga as an exercise, she replied, “I think yoga is the best exercise there is”
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