Health Information Technology in Nursing

Are you in the nursing field with an iPhone?  Health Information Technology might have an App for that!   New health technologies are coming out with phone applications that are making nursing jobs a lot easier.   Health care information technology professionals have practically made an application for the iPhone for anything a nurse can think of.   Health care info tech limit is the imagination of the nurses they help.   For an interesting article on apps for nurses please read below:

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Health Information Technology? There's an app for that!
By Karyn Buxman
From Nurse Together

Health Information Technology Mobile Advances in Nursing

iPhones are amazing – one of the best technologies in nursing. With iPhone apps for nursing, you can use them to do practically anything. You can scan the world’s libraries, reading glorious tales or doing cutting edge research. You can manage your finances, banking and investing with the touch of a finger. You can even make an appointment for a bikini wax!
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With the advances in health information technology, it is making customer service and bedside manner better so nurses so they can focus on the important stuff.   Some of these apps might sound silly but in the end a relaxed and focus nurse is what everyone needs.
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