Life Coaching Advice: Beyond Diet and Exercise

Life coaching might seem like just dieting and exercise advice but it can be much deeper.  Health care life coaching can also be about our ethics and morals as well.  What does health care coaching have to do with moral codes you might ask?   Well being a life coach and following healthy living advice, creating a healthy lifestyle starts with who you are.   Establishing a good diet or a positive exercise routine depends on you.   It depends on your values and your morals.   Your strength of character will ultimately decide if you have the will power to stick with the positive changes being made in your life.    For more on ethics in health coaching please read the following:
From  Bradenton Herald

Ethics in Life Coaching

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all agree on what’s right and wrong? Peace might even reign in the world! Even within the same family, religious congregation, age group or cultural background, there are fierce arguments. What is right? What is wrong? Sometimes we pick at other’s codes and feel a bit superior that our code is better or even the best. Then we find an example when we broke our own code and feel guilty.

A poster that says "Right, Wrong, Moral Dilemma, Ethics
What can life coaching teach us about moral ethics?
As you can see life coaching has a lot do to with our ethics and morals.   The decisions we make as to what is right and wrong are just as important as the exercise and dieting ones.  In the end we must make sure we are both health of body and mind.
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