Health Care Coaching Diet Advice: Common Mistakes

Female jogger tired from running bent over.
Health care coaching says too much exercise could be just as bad as too little.

Health care coaching professionals came up with a list of dieting mistakes you might be making right now.   These common mistakes health coaches say are the reason many of us do not see weight loss.   Health coaching advice like in the article below could help clear up these mistakes.    For the health care coaches advice, please read below.

Health Care Coaching Diet Advice: Common Mistakes

The article, “Are You Making These Dieting Mistakes?”, by Kate Fodor states

“Trying to slim down and feeling frustrated?
If you’re giving it your all but the number on the scale still isn’t budging, you may be sabotaging yourself in spite of your best intentions.”

For the full list please go here.

Health care coaching suggests a lot of small changes.   From switching white bread to wheat, getting plenty of sleep, and giving your body a break all can help you start seeing results.   Lastly never skip breakfast and all reach for water over soda and juice when you are thirsty.
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