Helping Children Deal with the Death of the Family Pet

My eight-year-old boy loves our cat so much. And She loves him. She runs up to him for pets when she hears his footsteps. She bumps him with her head when he is reading. She even sleeps by his head on the pillow. It’s very sweet. But she is twelve years old and I can see that her hips

Sometimes the loss of a pet is a child's first experience with death
Sometimes the loss of a pet is a child’s first experience with death

are starting to bother her. In my parenting group there are always emails going around asking for books about the death of pets or preparing for the death of pets. It seems like there is a real opportunity for a knowledgeable professional to help others deal with their loss. I looked up  courses in pet loss bereavement on the Internet and found that there is a certification course I could take to learn how to be a pet loss bereavement specialist. This would be a good skill set I could offer to the community and the children.