Health Care Information Technology behind the times?

The health care information technology field might be at risk for becoming a little out dating when compared to their customers.   The latest innovation to be adopted in the health care IT field is not being implemented by the professionals but the patients instead.   Brian T. Horowitz from writes about how patients are ahead of health care providers in adopting social media to find what doctors are the best for them.

Are the patients ahead of Health Care Information Technology?

The article, “Consumers Are Ahead of Health Care Providers in Adopting Social Media”, by Brian T. Horowitz

“Patients may be a step ahead of their local hospitals in adopting social media tools, a new report by consulting firm PwC suggests.

For its report “Social Media ‘Likes’ Healthcare: From Marketing to Social Business,” released April 17, the Health Research Institute at PwC interviewed 1,060 U.S. consumers.”

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With more tech-savvy patients doing their homework and hitting up social media giants such as twitter and facebook, it seems that health care information technology professionals have a bit of catching up to do!   If you are interested in the health care IT field, you should visit our site.