Information on Attention Deficit Disorder Drugs

With modern increases in medication for Attention Deficit Disorder in children one has to ask:  Are they healthy for the child?  What are the side-effects of these ADHD drugs?   Can they do more harm than good?   An article wrote by Dr. Mario Cruz, MD from has more information on this subject.

Attention Deficit Disorder Drugs: Good or Bad?

The article, “The skinny on ADHD drugs”, by Mario Cruz states

“I see a 9-year- old girl in my practice who is inattentive and hyperactive at school and at home. A thorough evaluation revealed that she has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In our last visit I provided her mother with specific parenting advice that has not resolved the behavior issues.”

When you read about all of the side effects that attention deficit disorder drugs can have, it is a wonder why parents would want their children on them in the first place.   There are alternatives parents can use.   ADHD can be controlled with proper diet and exercise.   It can also help to learn more about ADHD counseling.    If you are interested please visit our page.