Being a parent and a nursing student

It is never easy going back to school or taking a continuing education course especially if you are a nursing student.  It is also never easy being a full time parent.   When you combine the two together, your family life and nursing studies can be quite time consuming. There is an excellent article by Sue Heacock from Nurse Together, that can give you some advice.

Nursing Education and the Trials of Being a Parent


I was in nursing school when my daughter was a toddler. I was the class president and in charge of the pinning ceremony. We planned a great ceremony, right down to the smallest detail. Over 300 people came to celebrate the success of their loved ones. I was the mistress of ceremonies.  When I got up on stage to the microphone, all was quiet except for my daughter who screamed, “Mommy…mommy”. I quickly said, “She hasn’t seen me in a couple of years. You will have to excuse her.” Of course I was joking, but we all know that having small children and being in nursing school can be a challenge. Going to school full-time, working part or full-time, and clinical rotations can make you feel like there are just not enough hours in the day for your children.
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Going through nursing education can be extremely stressful. Through the advice in the article you can find ways to juggle both your family life and your nursing student life. Just make sure to take some time for yourself. Find enjoyment in everything you do. Lastly hug your children and let them know they are loved.
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