The Christian Counselor and Happiness

How can a Christian Counselor Help Someone Find Happiness?

The search for happiness is a goal all sentient beings seek. What one places their happiness in can both be subjective and objective. Objectively many things universally give happiness and can be classified as an overall good, however, many ideals of happiness are subjective and coincide with personal likes and dislikes. Some people look for happiness in material things and this world. Their idols are objects, money, and fame. Their level of happiness will always fall short for these false idols cannot fulfill the deepest needs of man. They are superficial and fall short of any true meaning. They lack virtue, they lack love and they lack God. Anything of this world can be taken, but true love and God are beyond our senses and can never be taken from us. This is the true essence of happiness. Happiness involves something that is eternal and fulfills one’s deepest needs at every level. The beatific vision is the greatest manifestation of this, but we see glimpses of this on earth and in the love we share with other people. Ultimately happiness comes from this banquet of perfect love. As a Christian Counselor it is important to guide people towards these proper values and to direct them away from the false idols of happiness that disguise themselves as superior goods in this world.