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Spiritual Christian Counseling CE Courses Program

Spiritual Christian Counseling CE Courses Program

Christian counseling certificationThe American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc., offers a full Continuing Education program of online courses for those seeking Certification in Spiritual Counseling with an emphasis on “Christian Counseling.” Upon completion of the seven (7) courses detailed below, applicants are eligible to apply for and receive certification as a Certified Spiritual Counselor in Christian Counseling. Each course is provided for in a dedicated online classroom. The courses are designed as independent study/continuing education courses, with one-to-one faculty mentoring. There is open enrollment and students may register and begin the education program at anytime.

Spiritual Counseling with a Christian Counseling Focus

Continuing Education Program/Courses

Course Fees: Below are listed the required courses for this curriculum. At the end of each course description you will find the course cost listed. All textbooks and learning materials are separate and not included in the course cost.  

The following CE Courses have provider approvals: The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc. is a licensed Continuing Education Provider in the State of California, Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15595.

1. Christian Counseling

This course approaches various counseling aspects from a Christian prism.  The first segment primarily deals with the ethics, world views, and procedures of a Christian counselor.  Since it is biblically based,  it emphasizes Christ as the central figure and paradigm for all Christian counselors.  The second segment deals with the Christian world view of happiness.  It is imperative that one understands the importance of a proper ultimate end when counseling to the downtrodden.  This course directs the future Christian counselor to the proper road of a Christ centered happiness.  In addition, to cultivating a proper world view for the Christian counselor, the third segment of this course addresses the multiple “isms” and problems Christians face in the modern world.  This undoubtedly is the largest component of the course for it covers everything from marital problems and abortion to drug abuse and depression: all under a Christian and biblical perspectives. This course is particularly designed for those who would like to apply for Certification as a Certified Spiritual Counselor in Christian Counseling by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc,. Course Code: SC 570. Contact hours of Education = 50. Course Fee: $ 150.00.

2. Spiritual Mentoring

Utilizing Christian principles and Christ centered values is imperative to good Christian Counseling.  SC 580 primary goal is to imprint a Christian stamp upon your counseling techniques. This course continues the themes of SC 570 but gives more extensive focus on the Biblical basis and Christian theology that is found in Christian Counseling.  In many ways this course could be considered a part II to SC 570.  Counseling topics that include Biblical interpretation methods, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Church are all laid out in correlation with how one counsels as a Christian.  This course will continue to help one grow in the spirituality and theological knowledge necessary to successfully guide and help and mentor people via a Christian path. This course is particularly designed for those who would like to apply for Certification as a Certified Spiritual Counselor in Christian Counseling by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc,. Course Code: SC 580. Contact hours of Education = 50. Course Fee: $150.00.

3. Exploration of the Spirit Realm: A Christian Perspective

Christian metaphysics is an essential element to Christian doctrine.  The dualistic nature of a temporal reality and a supernatural reality however is forever interwoven.  Hence it is important for a Christian counselor to have a sound practical and theological understanding of the supernatural element of the human person. Within this falls a broad range of topics. This includes the spiritual charisms of the Holy Spirit that range from gifts of discernment to spiritual care of the soul.  In addition to this, it involves an exploration of the angelic realm, both good and bad, and an understanding of humanity’s eschatological ends.  This course hopes to sharpen “spiritual senses” in counseling with a better understanding of Christian metaphysical concepts and Christian based interaction with the supernatural realm. This course is particularly designed for those who would like to apply for Certification as a Certified Spiritual Counselor in Christian Counseling by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc,. Course Code: SC 590. Contact hours of Education =50. Course Fee: $ 150.00.

4. Contemplative Prayer & Meditation

The Christian Counselor is a source of spirituality for his or her clients.  He does not only advise, heal, and guide, but enriches the soul he counsels.  SC 600 covers the supplying source for this spiritual spring which is prayer.  In particular, the course delves into contemplative prayer.  The classic, “Christian Meditation.” By Hans Ur von Balthasar guides you through the various stages of prayer life and how to center oneself via Christian techniques to reach a state of contemplation.  In addition to experiencing and practicing these spiritual exercises, the course gives an academic background in Christian mysticism and prayer by reviewing some of the most notable Christian mystics throughout history.  This course is particularly designed for those who would like to apply for Certification as a Certified Spiritual Counselor in Christian Counseling by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc,. Course Code: SC 600. Contact hours of Education =50. Course Fee: $ 150.00.

Note: Students have the option of substituting SC 605: Christian Meditation: Eastern Applications, for SC 600. To review information on SC 605 click here.

5. Pastoral Care of Families of the Dying

This continuing education course provides an overview of studies, research, and dynamics related to pastoral care of families of the dying. Adult learners will study theories on the role of faith in contexts of dying and grieving, family systems, perspectives of pastoral care over family issues, and other related content. Progression in the course then focuses on processes of faith development, pastoral care for dying persons, pastoral care for mourning and grieving family units and members, ideas on the administration of religious resources in grief-related contexts, and the importance of self-care for the pastoral care practitioner.

This course provides a theoretical and functional presentation of issues regarding the influence of faith in circumstances of dying in the midst of grieving family systems and methods of approach for the pastoral care practitioner. Upon successful completion of this course, students are awarded 40 contact hours of continuing education credits. Course Code: PT 490. Course Cost: $150.00

6. Counseling Ministry to the Bereaved

Christianity has always viewed grief as a true human reality that is not to be escaped but accepted and transformed into something new and redeeming.  GC 630 continues this Christian theology and attempts to apply it to ministry.  The text for the course “The Unwanted Gift of Grief” exemplifies this notion as grief as a gift.  The text is not intended for one to escape the pain but hopes to invite one into it and through that pain create a “transformation and new life”. The course Christianizes the behavioral sciences not only within the text but also looks at the “Unwanted Gift of Grief” through the story of Job.  This second text and commentary on Job nourishes the spirituality of the counselor and equips the counselor with greater understanding of one of the greater Old Testament works on grief. Course Code: GC 630. Contact hours of continuing education = 50. Course Fee: $150.00

7. Crisis Intervention Theory

This course provides an introduction to the theories and practice of crisis intervention.  Students will learn the nature of crisis as they related to the various issues that can face anyone over the course of a lifetime but also examine the ethical and cultural issues as they arise.  Additionally, it examines how crisis intervention is applicable in a time-limited cognitive format. Cultural issues related to crisis are examined. Ethical issues in intervention are explored. Specific intervention strategies are examined. This course is specifically intended for those eligible to meet education requirements for Certification as a Certified Specialist in Crisis Intervention Counseling by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals. Course Code: CI 500. Contact hours of education = 40. Course Fee: $ 150.00

Additional Information

  • Prerequisite to enrolling in the continuing education program: registrants must meet at least one of the following; 1.) a registered nurse currently licensed to practice nursing, 2). a licensed social worker, 3). a health care licensed professional, 4). a health care provider with a minimum of an associate degree, 5). a licensed counselor or psychologist, 6). holds a bachelor’s degree or higher in psychology, human services, or other health related field, 7). works in health care chaplain ministry under the direction of a pastoral chaplain/clergy, 8). is in current practice as a minister (licensed/ordained) or is a crisis counselor 9). is a certified addictions counselor, or 10). is currently certified in grief counseling, stress management consulting, or pastoral thanatology.
  • All courses are continuing education courses and are provided in online classrooms via our website. Upon enrollment a unique identification and password is provided for classroom access. The online classrooms provide full syllabi and course information, including the course exams and evaluations. Students must achieve a minimum score of 70% on the course examination to pass the continuing education courses.
  • Participants are given two (2) years from the date of enrollment into the first course, to complete the entire program of seven (7) continuing education courses.
  • Upon completion of each course, you will be awarded the corresponding continuing education contact hours and receive the CEU certificate verifying course completion and the award of education credits. Registration may be completed online, by accessing the links below.
  • Participants must complete the entire 330 contact hours of education to be eligible to apply for certification. For information on the Spiritual Counseling Certification program, access this link.

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